Kamerateknik was found for the purpose of developing alternative, effective and creative solutions in the fields of movie, advertisement and broadcasting.

We give responses to the requests of customers with our professional team coming from the sector quickly and smoothly. Kamerateknik, which accept the increase of the quality standard of service and customers’ satisfaction as the first priority, has proved the loyalty to this principle with continuous investments which it has done to the corporate identity, the professional team and the machinery.

Kamerateknik is designing its own machinery in its own structure with the professional team according to the needs of the sector and can develop the products it designed in its own structure as well within innovative ideas. Kamerateknik has been the first and only company in the region of Turkey which can develop the products and projects according to the requests of customers thanks to this feature. Among the matchless device course of Kamerateknik, there are systems of viewing from the sky, systems of helicopter shooting, remote-controlled systems of robotics camera, systems of wireless camera and especially net and pot cameras used in sports organizations.