Robohead (Remote Camera)



Thanks to its wireless digital controller and top quality zero-gap motors, it can move precisely enough track the distant objects with a tele lens or fast enough to trace the ball in a soccer game. It has capable enough to compete with international brands such as Robohead, Shotoku and Vinten Vantage, etc.
It is used with a remote control in situations where there is not ample space for the cameraman in terms of distance, in order to adjust the apex angle especially in TV studios by positioning it in the centre of the desk to get the close angle of each speaker at the conferences which is designed as a round table.
Our experiences include, among others, shooting without the attendance a camera operator in person and transmitting the live footage to long distances wirelessly, owing to the use of Point to Ppint HD Links.
There is an 8-pin or 12-pin zoom / focus control interface compatible with Broadcast Fujinon or Canon video lenses.
Stabilization option provides a stable image in dynamic applications. In addition, our company’s portfolio included the Robohead-Mini for GoPro and other miniature cameras.