You can contact us for an experienced team and wide equipment pool including the wireless camera systems, HD Microwave links, image transmissions from helicopters, for use in event such as event filming, point-to-point transmission, News Gatherings and Sports Events.
We use world’s leading Vislink and Gigawave transmitters for a high-quality image transmission with H264 (Mpeg) compression. The images are transmitted securely without any interruption with the use of COFDM technology so that the signals are protected in the long distance transfers, so much so that it is beyond comparison with non-broadcast, short-distance wireless transmitters used for monitoring, and broadcasts are achieved smoothly thanks to the wide range of accessories and aerial options.
Kamerateknik keeps on developing itself not only for use on Steadicam or shoulder-rig, but also in the field of long-distance image transmission from helicopters, drones, motorcycles, motor boats or all kinds of vehicles. Thanks to ongoing investments, our company continues to be unrivaled in the field of RF image transmission in Turkey.