AcroCam T



AcroCam T was designed by KAMERATEKNIK so that it can repeat the camera movements in exactly the same way at every scene shot repetitively, such as commercials and movies, etc.

Thanks to the rail installed on the floor or on the ceiling of your studio, the device, which can also be used as a Robotic Camera Dolly, is user-friendly thanks to the positions that can be memorized.

Owing to the monorail system, i.e. single rail structure designed during the assembly, it has shorter installation times, eliminating the sensitivity problem experienced in double-rail installations. This rail structure is developed exclusively by the R&D department of our company and it is matchless.

If you wish, you can store all camera and frame movements and repeat them smoothly over and over, or you can operate it manually with a remote control or pan-bar, to carry out original works of art each time.

AcroCam T is available for rent or purchase. In case of purchases, your imagination will set the limit in designing the infrastructure to be implemented onto the floor or ceiling depending on the availability of the space as well as the software development and movement capabilities.